3rd of March 2015

Q&A: Women keep flaking on dates. What do I do?


This is a great question, but the way this young caller asks it and the background he gives us, which is great by the way because it helps us figure out what’s really going on, shows that there are fundamental problems with his mindset, strategy, tactics, etc. He has gotten a ton of terrible advice and ideas from pickup artist nonsense.

Tucker, Dr. Miller, and Nils explain the four most common reasons why girls flake, cancel, or don’t show up to a date; why this will (and should) happen a certain percentage of times, and why looking at it as “flaking” and blaming the woman is the wrong mindset.

They also give some harsh but much needed advice on throwing out your pickup ebooks and bootcamp binders. For more on how pua scams work and why their tactics are terrible for long-term success, listen to this episode about the pua scene.


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