10th of April 2014

What To Expect From The Mating Grounds, And How To Get Help

This site is going to eventually have a lot of advice about sex and dating for guys, some of it will be fairly advanced, and all of it will be meticulously researched and cite all the relevant scientific studies and sources. We’ll not only tell you what to do, we’ll explain exactly why it works. A book will eventually come out of this research and be the culmination of that work, and will present all the best material in a concise, actionable form.

A book like that is going to take a lot of time and effort, so it isn’t coming for awhile. But guys need help in the meantime. A lot of help. And we want to help them.

So while we work on the book, I’m going to spare some time to answer the questions that our readers send us. The answers I give won’t be as complete and comprehensive as we’ll have eventually, but they will be better than the vast amount of advice that is out there right now, and they will help guys in the short term.

If you want to ask me an email question, go here, read the requirements, and feel free to ask away. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to answer it, but I will at least read it, and try to find time to answer it in some form.

In addition to writing answers that guys send me, I’m also going to help a limited number of guys in person. I mean that very literally–I will sit with you, for hours, talk through your problems with women, help you understand where they are coming from, how to fix them, and how to ultimately get what you want from your interactions with women.

I only have time to do this for a few guys, probably 5 at most. If you want this, go here to read about the requirements, see if you qualify, and then apply.

You cannot buy this counseling. My time is not for sale in this way. The way you will pay me back is by doing these sessions with me on camera, so that they can be put on the Mating Grounds YouTube channel (I won’t even link it, there’s nothing on there now). That’s why I’m not charging for my time–because I want to use the sessions to not just help those guys, but help as many people as possible.

Make no mistake about it, both the written Q&A’s and the in person sessions will help me, Geoff and Nils as well. We may know the information we want to teach guys–and we do know it, very well–but we don’t necessarily know the best way to teach it to guys, and what specific parts are most important, and how they should be presented to be most effective. We have some ideas about this, but the only way to know anything for sure is to field test it, so that’s what we’re going to do.

So if you’re here now, reading this, then you are one of our first readers, and get to start this journey with us. Like we say on the About page:

We believe men and women ultimately want the same thing: to get together and have relationships with each other. Our goal to help facilitate that connection, and we’ll do our part by teaching men everything they need to know about sex, dating and women to be able to make those connections.