24th of February 2015

Q&A: What should I do if I’m balding or graying?


This Q&A is for men who are are worried about going bald or gray. There are two key takeaways: great hair doesn’t matter as much as you think and the simple solution to be more attractive is to shave your head. Tucker, Dr. Miller, and Nils talk about how there’s not much you can do to prevent hair loss, but that’s OK because women don’t really care. Dr. Miller mentions it’s not even in the top 30 most important things that women want. However, awful hair like a comb-over or bad hair piece can lower your mate value.

And think about it from an evolutionary perspective: If women were turned off by baldness, we would have evolved not to get bald because those men would not have mated. The fact that we evolved this way means baldness doesn’t matter much to women. Your bald ancestors still got laid.


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