14th of June 2014

Vote on the next The Mating Grounds series

So Geoff, Nils and I are neck deep in writing the book and about to launch the podcast (I interviewed Matt Ridley yesterday, it was awesome, he’s really cool). The earliest it will launch will be next Wednesday, the latest will be the 27th of June. We’ll probably launch with three episodes the first day, then do 1-2 a week after that. Tons of great guests already.

That being said, we are having trouble finding time to write more for this blog, at least right now. I think over the next 2-3 months, there will be enough time for me to do one big new series (in addition to the podcasts, and regular posts). But instead of me guessing what you’d want to read, I decided to put up a survey:

What series topic would you like us to cover next? You can complete the survey here. Here are the options:

A Guide To Human Sexual Behavior: Why We Act The Way We Do. This would be where we explain our primate origins, hierarchy, status, and signaling, and how those form the underlying basis of all of our sexual behaviors.

A Basic Guide To Conversation With Women. This would explain conversation, how it works, how you can get good at it, tricks for enjoying it if you don’t right now, etc.

A Basic Guide to Where and How to Meet Girls. This would cover where girls are, how to find them, and how to meet them.

How To Be Charismatic. This would cover general charisma, not just with regards to women but all interactions.

A Basic Guide To Being More Attractive To Women. We’d go in depth about what women find attractive, and how to develop these traits in yourself.

The 21 Day Start To Getting Better With Women. This would not be like the other guides, in that it wouldn’t go into depth in these subjects at all. Instead, it would give you a very specific, detailed list of things to do that, over 3 weeks, will produce all kinds of positive results and start you on the path to being much better with women. Sort of like a combination of the information above, except all actionable, no substantive explanation.

Complete the survey here to give us your input. The one that wins is the next one I’ll start working on.