9th of July 2014

The Mating Grounds Podcast Launch

The Mating Grounds podcast officially launches today. There are eight episodes up on iTunes right now. Do this right now:

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes
Download all eight episodes (I think episode 8 is the best one, but let me know what you think)
-Leave a review on iTunes
-Email us ([email protected]) and tell us what you like, what you don’t like, what you want more of, and give any other feedback you have.

Here is why I am asking you to do all of these things:

If you want more podcasts, we need your feedback and your help.

The fact is, we are very busy writing our book (Mate), and we need to know if you like these podcasts, if you find them valuable, and we need to have actual proof of this through subscriptions, downloads and reviews. If you do those things–and if the feedback is positive–we will continue to release podcasts.

The current plan is to release one a week, alternating between interviews with experts and conversations between Geoff and I about the science behind sex and dating topics. But if we get enough good feedback, we can increase this release schedule, and maybe even add in some recorded Q&A sessions.

So download them, take a listen, and tell us what you think.