18th of January 2015

Taking A Month Off & Other Notes

We sent this to the email list a few weeks ago, posting it here now. Why you should be on the list:


“A few quick things:

1. The podcast passed 1 million downloads on December 16th. I don’t think we talked about that in any of the emails, so thanks guys, we really appreciate the support.

2. And the emails you guys have sent us about how much your lives have changed from our advice are really great, and we really appreciate them. That is why we do this, to help you guys get better–please keep sending those emails, and please keep calling the voicemail with your questions. We have hundreds of voicemails to get to and answer, we’re going to try to figure out the best process for getting to all of them.

3. We are taking a one month break from releasing any new podcasts. The last was December 31st, and we’ll start back with our regular podcast release schedule on February 1st. There are something like 110+ podcasts on iTunes, and you probably haven’t listened to all of them, so take this month to catch up. Cool new stuff coming in the new year on the podcast.

4. Why are we taking a break? The book, Mate. We just finished the rough draft and are neck deep in the heavy editing this month (which is actually harder than the original writing), and we want to get this done. It’s coming along nicely, I think you guys will like it a lot. We will have a formal press announcement about it at some point later this winter.

5. Lots of changes are coming to the Mating Grounds site, and in fact, we will be sending a separate email about this asking for feedback soon.

Have a great New Year, and keep working hard.”

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