20th of January 2015

Success Story #14: Learning what women want, having fun on more dates

This podcast listener is a 31 year old from Omaha, NE who got off to a slow start in a small town, weighing in at 330 lbs and going to an all boys high school. He decided to improve himself by losing the weight, doing fun social stuff, and traveling.

Now he’s getting better responses from women, more dates, and learning more about them through the podcast:

I was raised out in the country away from people in Iowa, taught by feminist teachers, raised by a conservative and Catholic family, went to an all male high school in Omaha, had glasses, and grew up fat- by my 18th birthday, I was 330lbs, not to mention, self esteem issues from bullying, Catholic guilt about sex, feminist emasculating education, and no reliable sources for how to deal with women. And damn near no women around. [Shaking head]

For the past 15 years or so, not being one to accept defeat, I decided to work on myself, and in the process, I became the class clown at my high school and was elected homecoming king, graduated from the Univ. of Iowa where I studied Cinema and English, helped start a volunteer organization to teach kids about child abuse, was a founding father to a fraternity at Iowa, was a radio DJ, did some spoken word, learned Italian (I want to live in Italy one day), but also got into yoga, pilates, capoeira, hip hop, and even ballet. This was then followed by a four year career as an Army Airborne-qualified infantry veteran where I earned awards for being one of the best athletes and shooters in my unit (I’m pretty sure I was a stand out soldier, humbly saying), traveled a bit (New Zealand was my favorite) but I also got into MMA and Crossfit. These days, it feels like I’ve got a lot more interesting stories than most 31 year-old people I meet working the daily grind. More culture too. I’m now studying psychology and geography (an underrated science, I feel) on the GI Bill with the plan to transfer out to CU Boulder as mentioned- getting paid to go to school to study whatever I want. Your guys’ message is so vital to young men- stop being so preoccupied with what everyone else thinks you should be, and start developing the best version of who you are SPECIFICALLY.

Over the years, my success with women- ie, the quantity and quality- has very very gradually been getting better. Look, I’m not sleeping with different women each night, however, in the past month that I’ve been listening to this podcast, I’ve noticed DRASTICALLY different experiences with women- more smiles, more dilated pupils, more flirtations, and even more dates. For example, I recently had a date with an artsy, beautiful, black-wearing musician. You know the type, I’m sure. I went into it with the focus to just have fun and knocked it out of the park. A big realization for me is what you say, Tucker- go out and have fun and be honest about what you want while being respectful of women, and sex WILL come. Basically, though, what I’ve been taking from this podcast which is literally changing how I walk around is:

1. Women are not goddesses or superhuman- no matter how hot they are. They are human, no different than you in more ways than you think, especially with fear, insecurity, etc. They do not dictate how awesome you are. They are the result of you making YOURSELF awesome.

2. Women want men who can handle life- therefore, go out and live life. If you don’t, life will suck. And if you’re scared to live life, that’s good because you have to get your ass kicked to kick ass.

3. Have fun doing whatever the fuck you want to do. Even if you have a bad date or meet a chick who sucks and isn’t into you, at least you’ll go home knowing you had a good time and never dealing with that specific bitch again.

4. Fuck a lot of the cultural institutions out there- not only is it fine to be a strong masculine man embodying Jack Donovan’s tactical virtues- strength, courage, mastery, and honor- its actually good because women want men like that. SO LONG AS you do so with respect, thoughtfulness, and empathy towards those around you. Especially women. Basically, don’t be a dick, but just as important, don’t be a pussy.

5. There’s nothing wrong with being promiscuous; its HOW you are promiscuous that matters- ie are you being safe, honest, and respectful to your partners.

Finally 6. Think about what its like for women and what they go through- it will change your approach to be much more considerate.

I still have much to learn, but doesn’t every guy? And although I may not be getting Tucker’s numbers or something crazy, I do feel that my situation with women is only getting better. In short, I believe the success I’m looking for will come, and after the life experience and the long process of increasing my mate value took place, I feel I am set up for success. I just lacked some missing guidance to get me there. And in the show, I found it.

Cheers Tucker, Dr. Miller, Jack Donovan, John Durant, Dr. Prause, etc.

And to all of the listeners who haven’t done what these guys have been saying, stop being pussies and do it. Like I said, you have to get your ass kicked to kick ass.

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