1st of June 2014

Success Story #2: Joe (lost weight, increased confidence, decreased anxiety)

This email is from a Mating Grounds reader named Joe, who read the testosterone book (sort of) and has noticed some great changes:

Hey Tucker

I just wanted to let you know that the advice you gave about boosting testosterone in a healthy way has really helped. Although, I didn’t read the free book you sent yet, because I have super been busy with school and work. I did however use the information that you released in the overview of the book before you released the book about clean eating and different progressive levels of each and supplements that help.

I really applied myself using the tips and have really seen some noticeable changes. It took me some time to decide to do it, but after I saw a picture of myself at work and how much I had let myself go, I knew it was time. Especially, because I used to be so active. I used to train MMA and did so for almost 4 years all while playing hockey and working out 6 days a week, then just stopped. Then when I did stop, my sex life changed as well.

I have had no problems getting laid or having relationships even when I was bigger, but while I was dating this girl I had issues with wanting to have sex all the time. I addressed a few things like my lack of physical movement, my eating habits, and my stress, which attributed to most of my problems. After switching to gluten free and eating paleo, I have lost 40 lbs and feel fantastic. I noticed a lot of gains mentally like confidence, remembering and memorizing things easier, and less anxiety about stupid things.

I figured you would appreciate knowing this, plus I believe you did ask for anyone to inform you if they gave it a try to see how the diet change worked for them.



I will fully admit, my favorite part of this is that he didn’t even read the fucking book! That’s how goddamn easy it is to be in at least decent shape, and I even say you don’t need to read the whole book–just stop eating grain and sugar, and you’ll make big gains.