27th of August 2015

Success Story #19: Traveling and dating around the world

This Mating Grounds fan writes about how we helped him learn to push himself outside of his comfort zone. He traveled around the world and had great experiences with different women:

Tucker and Geoffrey,

If I could give both of you hugs, I would. Just want to give you a shout 9 months after I started following The Mating Grounds and let you know I’m eternally grateful for the value you’ve added to my life. Aside from getting me the most lovely girlfriend ever, a relationship which lasted much longer than previous ones, and learning to end it without burning bridges, your podcast and blog have been insanely useful while backpacking around the world.

It was impossible to grasp the cross-cultural rules that are engrained in women’s selection process until I started doing some real traveling. From Guatemala to Poland, I can apply what I’ve learned while still being a genuine dude, and it works! I now know which women I want, and bit-by-bit I eliminated most of the fear of meeting new girls through consistently pushing my comfort zone.

I can’t tell you how life-altering it is to look at a girl across the room and feel true, legitimate confidence that I can walk over to her and have a conversation. Two years ago in the same situation, this is what would happen: I’d be sweating profusely down my face, heart pounding out of my chest, scripting stupid stories and jokes to tell her, shitting my pants, and then I’d run away.

I met a British girl in Budapest at my hostel two weeks ago – we had a great night of dancing at the bars, and ended up flying to visit her for four days. Seriously guys, I couldn’t have done it without you – thank you.

I’ve been sharing the blog and podcast with every friend that will listen, and can’t wait to buy the book in a few weeks.


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