1st of May 2015

Success Story Follow Up: New Mating Market With Much Better Women

This Mating Grounds listener, formerly from Miami, sent us this followup from his first success story, where he learned to pursue mating markets based on his interests and succeeded in finding a relationship.

In this update, he moved to a new and better mating market, Austin, and is meeting far more high-quality women than he ever did in Miami.

Dear Mating Grounds Team,

I’m happy to report that I’ve made some heavy life improvements from my last success story (#11).

I recently moved from Miami to Austin (coincidentally around the time the Helping Joe podcasts started, so those have been really helpful). It’s been wild seeing how much life has improved since I made the move.

As a mating market, Austin is a far better fit for me than Miami ever was. I’m meeting far more and better quality women on a consistent basis through online dating, networking through meetup events, and volunteering. There’s a ton of stuff I’ll be exploring to see what else works. I’ve made more progress in 6 weeks here in Austin than the previous two years back home in Miami.

On a personal level, I’ve been digging into my behavior to figure out the issues I used to (and still have to a degree) have with women. I’m realizing a lot of the problems I had stemmed from insecurity and my fear of being awkward. I have a lot of work to do, but I’m confident I can figure most of my shit out.

As a side note to Charlie, I owe the current job I landed in Austin to advice I took two years ago in his Recession-proof graduate book. I honestly have no idea where I would be if I didn’t read that. I owe him a beer.

It feels like I’m a case study for what can happen when taking good advice from strangers from the internet.

Thanks for everything you guys are doing.

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