5th of March 2014

Success Story #1: Jeff (lost weight, got stronger, feels amazing)

This is from Jeff. He started a plan from the Testosterone Ebook–Slow Carb Diet, kettlebells, better sleep–and in a short amount of time has him feeling great in all aspects of his life, not just hormonally. As always, all emails are from real readers and unedited:


I’m about 5 weeks in and some interesting things are starting to happen.  The weight loss seems to have leveled out.  I’m at about 179 (11lbs down) and holding steady.  I’m definitely getting stronger and my body is leaning out.  Losing the love handles and the gut.

I bought a 35lb kettle (which is still a lot for me) and did 3 sets of 35 swings my first time out.  I thought it was heavy but pretty easy and had some doubts that they did anything at all.  Then I woke up the next morning.  Fuck me.  Every muscle in my body was in pain.  My hamstrings took three days to recover.  It’s a killer workout and it’s just what my core needs.  I’m up to reps of 50 working towards 100.  It’s going to take a while.

I notice the strength gains when I get up out of a chair or out of bed.  I’m moving differently.  Less effort, more fluid.

The best thing is that I feel awesome not only physically but mentally.  It’s hard to explain but I’m just dialed in and laser focused.  I’m way more productive at work even though I mostly sit at a desk.  I have more enthusiasm and energy which gets passed along to my team and that’s good for my business.

Best of all this shit is easy.  I don’t even think much about it anymore.  The food has become a routine and the cravings have largely subsided.  Screw the pasta, I would rather feel strong and healthy.