12th of October 2014

Success Stories #9: Dating models

A Mating Grounds reader shares how our advice helped him be able to date models:

Tucker and crew,

I just had to write an email to say how fucking awesome this project is. I’m so glad I was listening to Altucher’s podcast when Tucker was on and heard about this.

It has totally changed my outlook on how to approach women. Taking the lessons from just a few of your shows, I have been going on dates with models, literally.

My reply:

How? I ask because it’a always interesting for us to understand exactly what advice guys are taking, in what way, and how it’s helping them.

His reply:

I think the biggest thing for me was the objectification part. Just by treating women like real people, it made a huge difference. Also, gauging feedback. I am 6’6″ and would always be really aggressive instead of easing into things and it would scare women off. The thought exercise of pretending you are in a gay bar really helped me a lot with that. Another thing that was mentioned was how to walk that thin line between confidence and arrogance, and it makes a world a difference.

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