21st of September 2014

Success Stories #6: Meeting more women, hookups and great dates

Here are a couple of conversations I’ve had over email with Mating Grounds readers/listeners. If you want to share your success story, email me at [email protected]

First, here’s my back and forth with Robert:

Dear Mr. Max
Your advice to meet women at improv class was, at least for me, a total dud. If I wanted to meet lots of gay men, however, it would have been mission accomplished. But thank you for turning me on to the slow carb diet; it’s similar to how I was eating before I read your ebook, but vastly simpler.



I responded:

Improv is an example. And in Austin at least, its 70% girls. Maybe try another class, or try acting class. Or better yet, do what I say over and over: Try lots and lots of different things until you find activities that you enjoy and also involve women. There are literally hundreds of fun, cool things that involve women.

And yeah, slow carb is really easy and great.

and his response is great – improv didn’t work, so he went out and tried something else. This is very important–don’t just take my specific tactics, learn to think about the overall strategy yourself, and develop your OWN tactics:

Dear Mr. Max,

Thank you for your reply, and don’t get me wrong; the class was fun. But as a means to meet women, it was a no-go. Volunteering, however, has been a GOLD MINE. I wish I thought of that before spending fruitless nights in clubs getting cold shoulders. Your new site is awesome and I enjoy the no-bullshit articles and podcasts. As a guy who’s been “just okay” with women, a lot of things in the articles have really clicked. I’ve been on more dates in the past month than all last year.


One more conversation with Mahoney:


Couldn’t get this chick to stop smiling last night . Not to sound like a tool literal life changing shit you got here. Cheers


What did you do that was so great? What advice did you take? I only ask because I’m interested in how guys are applying what we say.


I don’t want to bore you with the details so I’ll bring home the main point. I showed her EFFORT. I made sure I did subtle things consciously that I knew she would like. For instance:

-she mentioned she loves palm trees and “margaritaville” like bars so I took her out to a bar with Palm trees- didn’t tell her I was taking her there. Her face lit up when we walked in

-I’m a whiskey drinker (we talked a out what we like to drink) , she’s a tequila drinker- first round of shots tequila. She specifically said “I can’t believe you remembered I’m a tequila drinker”

– I looked at all the tools trying to simply get laid on they’re approach, took it in internally, but pointed them out and made fun of them to make her laugh.

– I focused on sounding somewhat smart (were both psych majors, brought up some bullshit evolutionary psych nonsense that she was super interested in).

-i looked good (at least that’s what she said )

-I have her subtle compliments about what she was wearing and had nothing to do with her tits (ie she had nice nail polish on ie. other shit like that).

-I made an effort to impress not only her but her friends as well, they loved it and the way I was acting I could have probably fucked a few of them

All shit that I never thought twice about and that’s why Im starting to unless people. I was getting less pune than my 29 year old cousins who’s balding and has on leg (that’s true).

Thanks and I’ll be sure to let you know how I’m doing

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