30th of November 2014

Success Stories #13: Overcoming obstacles & having success

Here’s Jason:

Mating Grounds Crew,

You guys (and gals?) have been -incredibly- helpful! I am back on the dating market after a 15 year relationship and marriage transitioned to a platonic relationship.

I had plenty going for me (friendly, empathetic, tall, I’ve been going to the gym for over a year) as well as a lot stacked against me (birth defects [missing part of my right arm, so that guy with the ‘feminine jaw’ on a recent Q&A was pretty funny!], naturally shy, pretty geeky, minimal previous dating experience [I married the 2nd girl I dated seriously], and I am looking for non-traditional relationships).

I have been going through your back catalog and so much has been helpful: thinking of things from the woman’s perspective, making sure my clothes fit better, confidence = realized performance, several of your interviews, how women evaluate men, and a ton of other things I’m not thinking of at this moment all helped. So. Damn. Much.

I was on a date last night with a woman I’d normally consider a bit out of my league, and when she said ‘I feel so safe around you, but … you also make my heart pound’ I felt about ten feet tall. OK, probably twelve feet tall. 😉

Thanks again!


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