23rd of November 2014

Success Stories #12: More assertive, improved appearance, and meeting more women

Lukas used our advice to improve his appearance and expand his social circle, and now women are responding to him better than ever before. Here’s how he did it:

Hey Tucker,

just wanted to drop you a couple of lines about how and how much the podcast has helped me (no reply necessary).

Right around the time I broke up with my girlfriend of 2.5 years in April, I started reading The Mating Grounds. Since then, a lot has changed.

While I “knew” a lot of the stuff you talked about in a common sense kinda way (being fit is good, dressing well is good), the website and then the podcast really drove home how and why to go about leveling up in these areas.

I was living abroad at the time and when I came back home, I set out to implement a lot of what you guys were talking about. I lost weight and built some muscle, I paid more attention to how I dressed and looked in general. I went out to meet different and new people. First through and then got active in organizing trips and events for exchange students in my city. I got a lot more socially active, more assertive and started to go out just to have fun.

So what’s the result? Three snapshots:

We recently organized a hiking trip for students. In the feedback, I got the following comment: “Lukas was awesome!! patient, fun, organized and SO handsome!! (Seriously!)” When I read that, I thought “What. The. Fuck. Just. Happened?!” This has never happened to me before.

I was out with a couple of friends and a girl that I clicked with that evening. I brought her home, and at the door she clearly indicated that she was not going to take me upstairs. Which was fine, of course. Later, she wrote me: “It was a fun night, but I’ve heard of your reputation, that’s why I didn’t invite you up.” I asked her “Reputation? What do you mean?”, to which she said “You sleep with all the girls in the exchange program”.
That is (sadly) not true, but the fact that it is now possible for me to *have* this reputation is astounding to me. If you had told me that a year ago, I would have laughed you out of the room.

I was at the library studying when the girl next to me started talking to me. We kept going back and forth for a while and after a break in the conversation she asked me “So, do you like to go out? Where do you go?”. The neon sign could not have been bigger. But like the moron I am sometimes, I was so confused by this obviousness that I didn’t ask for her number (I had asked her to come to an event I was organizing that evening, but she already had plans). Still kicking myself about the number, but the experience in itself was a huge ego boost.

Today I was at an indoor water park with a couple of friends. While I was walking with one of my friends we noticed that two girls were following us around. No matter what we did (have something to eat, pool inside, pool outside) they would show up about a minute or two later and look and smile at us. I felt like I had cracked the code or something (and that after 4 weeks of no training because I’ve been sick).

So, from man to man, a deep and honest “Thank You”.
The job you, Geoff, Nils, Carin and all the others are doing is amazing. Thank you for all the advice and the work you put in. It helps real people in their real lives.

All the best,

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