9th of November 2014

Success Stories #11: New Relationship & A New Understanding Of Women

This Mating Grounds listener used our advice to pursue mating markets based on his interests, and succeeded in finding the type of relationship he wanted.

The following is the story of how I met and attracted the last girl I dated.

A little background on myself. I’m a 24 year old guy from Miami, where everyone my age complains about their inability to find a high quality intelligent partner who has their shit together. My dating life had stalled entirely since graduating from college. Grunting at girls in mono-syllabic chimp phrases at frat parties was no longer a viable strategy. At this point I also decided I wanted to transition from sloppy hookups with strangers to having meaningful short-medium term relationships with girls I actually liked.

I took the advice about finding good mating markets based on my interests and joined a local baking club I found on I’m a major food nerd and had recently taken up protein baking as a hobby, so joining the club seemed like a reasonable thing to do.

The baking club was all suburban moms around 30-50 years old, so pretty awful as mating market, but it was a good opportunity to practice talking to women I wouldn’t normally talk to otherwise. Luckily, there was one attractive girl around my age at the club. Striking up a conversation with her was easy since all I had to do was talk about baking and food. Unsurprisingly, she was also a foodie which made it easy to ask her out on a date. I was channeling Dr. Behncke’s mantra “feed the female” when I surprised her on our first date with a batch of homemade protein muffins. Definitely scored bonus points there.

We wound up dating for a month. Overall it was a very positive short term relationship. It was the first time I’ve successfully executed a dating strategy with a defined goal in mind. I’m very optimistic about my dating life in the future now that I have a pragmatic guide and solid understanding of how to have great relationships with women.

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