19th of October 2014

Success Stories #10: More success with women than ever before

Matt took our advice on how and where to meet women, and now he’s seeing more success than ever before. Here’s how:

Dear Tucker,
I just wanted to tell you that your where/how to talk to girls bit is excellent. I used to try meeting girls at clubs/massive concerts/bars and never had any success in these environments. You’re right, the impersonal nature of these places naturally raises everyone’s defenses, which makes conversation difficult. I’ve had the most success with women at volunteering events(as you mentioned) and small, intimate parties (>30 people) in which everyone knows at least a few people, which makes introductions far easier. I think it’s sad that we are often conditioned to think that crowded bars and large, booze besotted parties are the best places to meet women. I don’t even go to these places with the intent of meeting girls anymore, and it’s kind of funny because my change in attitude regarding bars from “I need to get lucky” to “if I happen to meet someone interesting while I’m having a couple brewskys with my buddies, then that’s cool” has actually led me to more success with women than I’ve ever had in bars, not to mention a far better attitude on the nights I go home without someone. I stopped reading dating advice blogs when I was in high school because too often their written by sleazy phonies who are just trying to make a buck off of other peoples self perceived inadequacies, but yours (which I stumbled upon via my byzantine net surfing habits from your “don’t go to law school” post, which is brilliant btw) seems to actually be devoted to helping guys out. It is refreshing to see someone giving out real advice instead of teaching guys pseudo scientific nonsense about how to manipulate women with body language cues or hypnotize them or whatever else pick up artists peddle these days. Keep up the good work! Matt

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