27th of April 2015

Research Report, April 27th 2015

Effects Of Background Music On Young Japanese Adults’ Impressions Of Opposite-sex Conversation Partners

Summary: “Music might just be the food of love, a study found. Feelings of interest and attraction among single men and women increased significantly if music was playing in the background at their first meeting compared with no music, according to a report in the current issue of Psychology of Music.” – The Wall Street Journal

Am I Normal? A Systematic Review [Of Dick Size]

Summary: The average erect length of men in this study was 13.24 cm or 5.2 inches

Research Defines More Behaviors That Reveal Romantic Attraction.

Summary: Jeffrey Hall coded 36 verbal flirting behaviors — such as making compliments, asking questions and revealing information — and nonverbal flirting behaviors –such as leg-crossing, palming, leaning forward, playing with objects and nodding. The research team found different verbal and nonverbal cues indicated underlying physical attraction for each style.

Link Between Sleep Loss & Diabetes Explained

Summary: Lack of sleep can elevate levels of free fatty acids in the blood, accompanied by temporary pre-diabetic conditions in healthy young men. Getting enough sleep could help counteract the current epidemics of diabetes and obesity, scientists say.

Forever Young(er): Potential Age-Defying Effects Of Long-Term Meditation On Gray Matter Atrophy

Summary: While overall life expectancy has been increasing, the human brain still begins deteriorating after the first two decades of life and continues degrading further with increasing age. Thus, techniques that diminish the negative impact of aging on the brain are desirable. Existing research, although scarce, suggests meditation to be an attractive candidate in the quest for an accessible and inexpensive, efficacious remedy. Altogether, these findings seem to suggest less age-related gray matter atrophy in long-term meditation practitioners.

Men’s Preference for Certain Body Types Has Evolutionary Roots

Summary: A psychology study from The University of Texas at Austin sheds new light on today’s standards of beauty, attributing modern men’s preferences for women with a curvy backside to prehistoric influences. Also see this Atlantic article for a good summary.

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