6th of April 2015

Research Report, April 6th 2015

A Longitudinal Analysis of Romantic Relationship Formation

Summary: University of Cologne psychologists report altruistic behavior (ex. volunteering) “is not only desirable in hypothetical partners, but also helps individuals acquire a romantic partner in real life.” – Pacific Standard

Common Biomarkers Of Sleep Debt Found In Humans, Rats

Summary: Researchers found common molecules signifying faulty metabolism in response to sleep deprivation in blood of both rats and humans. Their findings point to an overall shift in how lipids are metabolized and evidence of systemic oxidative stress when you sleep less.

Love Online Is About Being Real, Not Perfect

Summary: Researchers at the University of Iowa say people who are looking for love online are less apt to trust a person with a flashy profile, preferring instead a potential partner who appears not only successful, but humble and real as well.

Add Nature, Art, and Religion To Life’s Best Anti-Inflammatories

Summary: Taking in such wonders as the Grand Canyon, Sistine Chapel ceiling or Schubert’s ‘Ave Maria’ may give a boost to the body’s defense system. Researchers have linked positive emotions — especially the awe we feel when touched by the beauty of nature, art and spirituality — with lower levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

What Is Typical Is Good: The Influence of Face Typicality on Perceived Trustworthiness

Summary: People are more likely to trust those with a “typical” (average) face: “Although face typicality did not matter for attractiveness judgments, it mattered a great deal for trustworthiness judgments,” says lead author Dr. Carmel Sofer. “This effect may have been overlooked, because trustworthiness and attractiveness judgments are generally highly correlated in research.”


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