9th of March 2015

Research Report, March 9th 2015

Mating Markets Trump Biology In Relationships

Summary: Anthropologists present evidence that male promiscuity is not a human universal wired into the brain by evolution. Instead, mating strategies are flexible, responding to circumstances such as gender ratios. In short, when women are scarce, men prefer long-term committed relationships (full study).

The Vocal Cues of Flirting

Summary: Researchers found that certain “paralingual” features of the human voice can give the speaker’s game away and let the listener pick up on that sexual attraction that the “flirter” thought was hidden. It’s the way you tell it, not what you say, that really counts (full study).

Sex Differences In Preferences For Humor

Summary: Evolutionary-minded scientists have proposed that humor is a sexually selected trait in men that signals mate quality. Women tend to prefer men who make them laugh and men tend to prefer women who laugh at their jokes. They found that men viewed humor receptivity as a necessity and humor production as a luxury when they were asked to create an ideal long-term partner. For women, it was just the opposite. Men and women may think differently about the meaning of “sense of humor”.

Charisma Perception In Political Speech

Summary: Among these perceivable charismatic behaviors there are the acoustic characteristics of speech. We present here a study on the perception of charisma in political speech. They studied a political leader in Italy and compared his pre-stroke speech and post-stroke speech.

Mate-choice copying in single women and coupled women

Summary: Studies indicate that females tend to change the likelihood of choosing a potential mate based on the decisions of other females; this is known as mate-choice copying. We found that both the single and coupled women showed mate-choice copying, but their response patterns differed. The significant effects for single women were dependent on a decrease in attractiveness ratings when they perceived the models’ mate rejection. However, the significant findings for coupled women relied on an increase in attractiveness ratings when they observed the models’ mate acceptance.

Group walking cuts risk of life-threatening conditions

Summary: Walking in groups improves health more than walking alone. This is what Tucker was talking about when he said social relationships can improve hormones like testosterone at the end of Helping Joe, Part 3.

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