24th of September 2014

Q&A: Why Do Men Have To Approach Women?


It may seem unequal and unfair that guys always approach women. Why can’t women come after men, right? It’s not that simple. There are plenty of very good evolutionary, psychological and social reasons why men tend to do the approaching, and not the other way around.

In this episode Tucker, Geoff and Carin Perilloux explain the biological and social factors behind why men approach women, and Carin also explains the risks women face in mating situations, which are every bit as daunting as the risks guys take (they are just different).

We also cover the way to flip the situation and have women come to you: be famous. Tucker can tell you first-hand what that’s like, and the risks that brings with it as well (it can be great, but it’s not all great).

Finally, if you want to meet women in lower-risk situations without being judged, then we’ll tell you how to do that too.


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