4th of February 2015

Q&A: How do I end a short term relationship without hurting her?


While hooking up and just having sex is awesome, ending a short-term relationship by cutting off contact or being a dick is harmful to both you and her. Your mating market becomes a mine-field of hurt women who tell their friends not to fuck you. And if you have a conscience, you will probably feel like shit.

Tucker has learned a lot from ending relationships, short and long term, in a myriad of horrible ways. Read any of his 3 books if you want to learn how NOT to do a kind, clean break with a chick. In this Q&A, Tucker, Nils, and Dr. Miller show you exactly how to end a short or medium term relationship so you are both better off and your reputation as a mate doesn’t suffer. They run through a few examples and give conversation scripts you can copy verbatim.

Be kind but firm. Don’t be a coward and disappear.


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