18th of February 2015

Q&A: How do I ask a girl out who is at work and may be flirting with me?


Women who work are usually paid to be nice to you, especially bartenders and waitresses. If you like her, there are low risk ways to see if she’s interested. In this episode, Tucker, Nils, and Dr. Miller talk about how to gather information (Does she have a boyfriend?), talk to her like a friend, and ask her out in an easy way (think social, not 1:1) so you don’t creep out a woman who is ‘trapped’ at work. Nils, who was a bartender in his 20s, also gives advice on how to tell when a bartender or waitress is into you. Hint: 90% of the time, she’s flirting with your wallet, not you. That’s her job, dude.


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