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“Choosing a spouse and choosing a career: the two great decisions for which society refuses to set up institutional guidance.” -Alain de Botton

What Is The Mating Grounds?

Plainly put: The Mating Grounds is a website that teaches men everything they need to know about sex, dating and women. It’s the site that accompanies the book on the same subject, Mate: Become The Man Women Want, by Tucker Max and Geoff Miller (and Nils Parker), to be released in 2015 by Little Brown.

Our goal is to provide men with the best possible guide to understanding and navigating the entire mating process—from it’s beginning (puberty), through the different forms and stages of dating, all the way to marriage (or whatever form of relationship a man chooses).

What Do You Need Help With?

Where To Start If You’re Lost With Women (blog series)
Part 1: Developing The Right Mindset
Part 2: How Mating Works
Part 3: What Women Are Attracted To
Part 4: The “Why” Of Female Attraction
Part 5: How To Be More Attractive To Women 
Part 6: Figuring Out What You Want
Part 7: Where To Find Women 
Part 8: The Road Forward

Where And How To Meet Women
Where To Meet Women In Real Life
Mating Markets
How do I tell if the problem is me or my mating market?
Why do men have to approach women

How To Talk To Women
How To Stop Being Awkward And Creepy With Women
How do I get a woman’s phone number when I’m talking to her?
How long do I wait to text a girl?
How do I stop talking to women as a friend, and start flirting with them?
Bad Advice From The Internet: “Just Tell Her How You Feel”

Optimize Tinder And Online Dating
Why & How To Use Online Dating
How Do I Attract Higher Quality Women Through Online Dating?
How do I use Tinder to meet women?
What do I do on first Tinder dates?
Helping Joe, Episode 1 (setting up Joe’s Tinder profile)
Helping Joe, Episode 2 (Joe’s first Tinder date)

Build Real Confidence
How do you build confidence?
Bad Advice On The Internet: “Fake it ’til you make it”
I’ve made progress but still lack self-esteem, what do I do?
How do I regain my confidence after a breakup or dry spell?
How do I get over Impostor Syndrome?

Get Over Social Anxiety
How can I be more comfortable in social situations?
How to not be nervous around hot girls
How do I take myself less seriously and be less shy around people?
How can I overcome severe social anxiety?
How do I relax and have fun on first dates?

Get A Girlfriend
The Women You Should Pick To Date (And Which Ones to Avoid)
If I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, can I still date and have a relationship?
When do you know it’s time to settle down for a long-term relationship?
How do I go from hookups to happy relationships?
How do I change a casual relationship into something more?

Sleep With More Women
The Women You Should Pick For Hook-ups (And Which Ones to Avoid)
Bad Advice From The Internet: Be 100% Honest 100% of the time, Radical Honesty
How do you show you want to hook up rather than date?
How do I go from conversation to sex?
How do I get better in bed?

What You Need To Know About
What You Need To Know About High School (Ages 14-18)
What You Need To Know About College (Ages 18-22)
What You Need To Know About Early Adult Life (Ages 18-29)

How To Be Attractive To Women Series
What do I do if the women I find attractive aren’t into me?
Part 1: Our Embarrassing Stories
Part 2: Signaling Attractive Traits
Part 3: The Tender Defender (The Nice Guy vs. The Asshole)
Part 4: How Rich Do You Need To Be? (Material Proof)
Part 5: Style Is Sexy (Aesthetic Proof)
Part 6: Crazy Is Not Sexy (Mental & Emotional Health)
Part 7: Smart Is Sexy (Intelligence)
Part 8: Show That You’re Smart (Signaling Intelligence)
Part 9: Get Your Life Together (Willpower & Conscientiousness)
Part 10: Being Popular Matters (Social Proof)
Part 11: Showing Interest In Women (Romantic Proof)
Part 12: Get In Shape (Physical Health)
Part 13: How To Move Your Body (Physical Movement)
What do I do if I’m poor?


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