MATE: Become The Man Women Want

We started The Mating Grounds podcast and site to help guys get better with women. So far, the podcast has done exactly that (you can read the testimonials here).

Now it’s time for the next level: the book. We present MATE: Become The Man Women Want


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This book is the culmination of years of work, and brings together all the scientific research and knowledge from dozens of different fields into one place, and explains it in a way you can understand so you can effectively apply it to your life. If you’ve listened to the podcast, you have a good idea of what we advocate, but this book takes everything to the next level of depth.

If you follow our advice from the book, you’ll completely change the way you see women, relationships and dating, and see results immediately–not just with women, but with your whole life.

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The Five-Step Process To Mating Success:

Step One – Get Your Head Straight
Chapter 1: Build Self-Confidence
Chapter 2: Understand What It’s Like To Be A Woman
Chapter 3: Clarify Your Mating Goals and Ethics

Step Two – Develop Attractive Traits
Chapter 4: Understand What Women Want…And Why
Chapter 5: Get In Shape (The Physical Health Trait)
Chapter 6: Get Happy (The Mental Health Trait)
Chapter 7: Smarten Up (The Intelligence Trait)
Chapter 8: Get Your Life Together (The Willpower Trait)
Chapter 9: Tender Defender (The Agreeableness & Assertiveness Traits)

Step Three – Display Attractive Proofs
Chapter 10: Show Them What You’re Working With (Signaling Theory)
Chapter 11: The Power of Popularity & Prestige (Social Proof)
Chapter 12: How Rich Do You Need to Be? (Material Proof)
Chapter 13: Stylin’ & Profilin’ (Aesthetic Proof)
Chapter 14: Show Her How You Feel (Romantic Proof)

Step Four – Go Where Women Are
Chapter 15: Find the Right Mating Markets
Chapter 16: Beggars Must Be Choosers (Mate Preferences)
Chapter 17: Meet the Women You Want

Step Five – Take Action
Chapter 18: Talking to Women
Chapter 19: Dating Women
Chapter 20: Having Sex
Chapter 21: Create Your Mating Plan & Go Forth

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