6th of March 2015

Bad Advice From The Internet: “Just Be Yourself”

Why This Is Bad Advice

Women give this advice to guys a lot, but it’s useless. It doesn’t give guys who are bad with women any actionable advice. What they are trying to say is don’t be someone you are not because too many guys are phony.


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The Better Advice

A better way for you to “just be yourself” is to first figure out what about you is attractive to women. What are your strengths? Ask friends who are smart and willing to be honest with you. Get their feedback on this. (If you don’t have friends like this, you have a bigger problem and we’ll cover this in later episodes.)

Then accentuate these attractive strengths by putting yourself in places where those best parts of you will shine and your weaknesses will not show. Tucker gives a few good examples in the podcast. These can be physical places, social group, activities, or anything.

Whatever is attractive about you, there are women who value those things. Find those women and interact with them. The more things that are attractive about you, the more places you can go.

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