25th of February 2014

How To Get Help From Tucker

Getting Your Questions Answered

If you have simple questions about sex, dating or women that you want answered by Tucker or Dr. Miller, it’s a pretty simple process. At least, it’s simple to ask the questions. No promises about answering them specifically, but we will try to do it where possible.


Leave a voice message: It works by you leaving us a voicemail. If you want to hear us address your issue specifically, then you need to call us and leave a message. And once we answer it and post the answer on the podcast, feel free to call again and ask another question, or a follow-up.

There is a small catch: You have to be on our email list to get the number for the Mating Grounds voicemail. 

You can sign up for the email list below. Once you sign up, you’ll get an email that has the Mating Grounds podcast Q&A number in it.

Join the Mating Grounds Mailing List

Get the voicemail number to ask us your questions directly:


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