25th of February 2015

Q&A: How do I regain confidence after a breakup or dry spell?


This is something every guy goes through. Fortunately there are two effective ways to start getting back out there and regaining confidence, small wins and great friendships.

Dr. Miller begins this Q&A episode talking about making small steps to be more outgoing with women and with friends. Tucker brings up social relationships and how a great thing to do is engage with good friends in positive, uplifting ways. Many problems start with not having friends.

This is something that most dating advice never focuses on. Social relationships are so important to mental health, confidence, and even hormones like testosterone. As humans we need strong relationships, especially during tough times. And as men most of our friendships are made in structured social groups with common goals and values: Sports clubs, the military, and startup culture are good examples but there are 100s. Start with finding those groups. You can listen to the Jack Donovan (The Way of Men) episode for a more in depth talk on this.


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