Helping Joe

“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” -Stephen McCranie

What Is The Helping Joe Series?

Every week Tucker, Charlie Hoehn, and Nils sit down with Joe to help him with problems he has meeting and dating women and track his progress over a few months. They go over all his issues, insecurities, and anxieties he has about sex and dating and help him solve them to reach his mating goal (medium-term dating and sex) and live a happy life in Austin.

Who Is Joe?

Joe is a 20-something ginger (pale red-head) from Ohio who has similar problems to many of our listeners. He’s a smart, kind, and normal guy who should be successful with women but is not. He just moved to Austin and starts from the bottom with no women in his life and almost no social circle in Austin.

Helping Joe Episodes

Helping Joe, Episode 1

In this new series “Helping Joe,” Tucker and Charlie talk with Joe about his problems with women. In part one, they dive into how and where to meet women, understanding attractive women, and how to set up a great Tinder profile.

Helping Joe, Episode 2

In the 2nd week of Helping Joe, the guys give tips to improve Joe’s Tinder profile, and they go into small talk on first dates. They also make jokes about what Joe does on a date.

Helping Joe, Episode 3

The guys talk with Joe about two of his dates and uncover one critical but hilarious error he made. They go into improv and why it helps improve your dating and social life. And they end the episode talking about testosterone.

Helping Joe, Episode 4

Joe goes on another date (laughs ensue) and they dive into connecting with someone you just met in order to have better, more fun conversations on dates.

Helping Joe, Episode 5

Nils steps in for Charlie this week to talk to Joe about first date nerves, reframing his mindset so he doesn’t choke, and how to have more fun on dates.

Helping Joe, Episode 6

Charlie’s female friend talks about her experiences on Tinder and Plenty of Fish. She also gives Joe feedback on his profile and advice when messaging women. Tucker makes fun of her because some of her advice is awful.

Helping Joe, Episode 7

The guys dig into Joe’s mess of emotional issues after he has a great date but then ruins it by blowing off this girl he liked. As Tucker puts it, “Joe is a wantrepreneur with women.”

Helping Joe, Episode 8

The guys try to regroup and talk about Joe’s other dates but get right back to a different emotional issue that caused him to lose confidence with a another great woman. There are many lessons to be learned from his mistake here.

Helping Joe, Episode 9

Joe goes speed dating. Tucker and Nils break down his mini-dates. They give much needed fashion advice (Joe makes huge mistakes here.), feedback on first date conversations, and how to reframe dating mindset and goals.

Helping Joe, Episode 10

The guys catch up with Joe on his dates over the last 2 weeks. They recognize these wins to reinforce his success, which is a big part of building confidence. Later they get into his mistakes and talk about how NOT to text a woman.

Helping Joe, Episode 11

Joe talks about recent dates with girls from episodes 7, 8, and 9. The guys give advice on texting, going back to her place, and being honest and funny about your insecurities.

Helping Joe, Episode 12

Being vulnerable and exposing emotions are difficult for Joe and many men. But connecting with friends and girlfriends is essential to living a happy, fulfilling life. The guys explore this topic and how to do that.

Helping Joe, Episode 13

Joe finishes Level 1 of improv. The guys help him put his progress in perspective. They explain how to change ineffective thought patterns and how demonstrated performance (practice & success) builds real confidence.

Helping Joe, Episode 14

The guys help Joe figure out what to do after he blows it with another great girl. He also showed big improvements by connecting with a different girl he met on Tinder.

Helping Joe, Episode 15

Joe talks about his second go at speed dating, where strange but hilarious things happened leading up to and during the event. Joe has big improvements in confidence, but his fashion choices are still atrocious. They explain how to make a good first impression on the right women.

Helping Joe, Episode 16

Joe goes back to a woman’s place, but has problems in the bedroom. The guys talk about what happened and what to do going forward to fix these issues.

Helping Joe, Episode 17

Joe continues to have the same problems in bed. The guys help him figure out what he can do to get hard again and how to talk to the girl he is having sex with about these issues.

Helping Joe, Episode 18, Pt.1

The guys dig deeper into his shame issues. And while Joe does have sex, he comes too quick, which is the opposite problem he had in episodes 16 & 17. They explain how this is even possible and give Joe a few short-term fixes to help.

Helping Joe, Episode 18, Pt.2

The guys talk to Joe about how humiliating rejections can get stored in the brain. Joe plays an awful audio message he sent a woman. Tucker talks about how Joe can get over situations he is afraid of.

Helping Joe, Episode 19

The guys give Joe advice on lasting longer in bed and having the medium-term / casual relationship talk. They also dive deeper into why Joe doesn’t internalize positive compliments from others.

Helping Joe, Episode 20

The guys talk about Joe’s awful room and why this is so unattractive to women. They go on to talk about having basic self-respect and why men have trouble connecting with emotions.

Helping Joe, Episode 21

The guys call Joe out on his bull***t and question what his mating goals really are when his actions and priorities do not line up with what he says he wants.

Helping Joe, Episode 22

The guys break down Joe’s recent first date and go deeper into why Joe doesn’t like playful teasing and can’t bond with male friends.

Helping Joe, Episode 23

The guys dive deeper into Joe’s trust and perfectionism issues and how to get over them to be more attractive to women.

Helping Joe, Episode 24

The guys laugh as Joe reads his crazy inner thoughts from last week. They figure out why Joe has these thoughts and explain how everyone is dealt a different hand of cards in life, but each hand can win.

Helping Joe, Episode 25

The guys give Joe feedback on OkCupid & Tinder. They also give him an exercise to figure out where he wants to go in life and with women.

Helping Joe, Episode 26

The guys give Joe advice on avoiding social isolation (find a tribe) and dive into his emotional issues and tools he can use to better connect with women and friends.

Helping Joe, Episode 27

The guys talk with Joe about the best date he has ever had and share funny personal stories of missed opportunities to have sex with women.

Helping Joe, Episode 28 Part 1

Joe goes on two dates in one night and the guys break down a big mistake he made. They also talk about bad advice in online dating.

Helping Joe, Episode 28 Part 2

The guys talk with Joe about another bedroom issue he had with a different woman and what can do to avoid this in the future.

Helping Joe, Episode 29 Part 1

The guys talk with Joe about 3 dates he had, including the worst date he’s been on in Austin. They advise him on how to save a date that is going poorly.

Helping Joe, Episode 29 Part 2

The guys talk about how Joe can get over his fear of women and social anxiety.

Helping Joe, Episode 30 Part 1

The guys tell Joe the best, most fundamental thing he can do right now to work on all his issues with women and in life.

Helping Joe, Episode 31

The guys talk about making a big change in this podcast series.

Helping Joe, Episode 32

The guys figure out what success looks like for Joe in getting his life together and discuss what they have to work on to get him there.

Helping Joe, Episode 33

The guys help Joe understand the sudden end of one of his relationships. Later, they go into his career issues and give him a stern reality check.

Helping Joe, Episode 34

The guys go over Joe’s work history and find the beginnings of his story. They also talk about testimonials, LinkedIn reviews, best personal website tools, and early jobs.

Helping Joe, Episode 35

The guys go over Joe’s personal website and dig deeper into his career issues, which skills he should focus on and which jobs might be great for him.

Helping Joe, Episode 36

The guys go back to Joe’s dating issues to dig deeper into his messed up mindset and beliefs and help him change them.

Helping Joe, Episode 37

The guys talk about Joe’s latest speed dating adventure and how to apply lessons learned from past relationships to future mating efforts.

Helping Joe, Episode 38

The guys dive back into Joe’s list of companies he thinks that he could work for. They tell him how to fix his messed up mindset so he can get out of his own way and land a great job.

Helping Joe, Episode 39

The guys continue to help Joe fix his faulty mental models and go through another list of companies Joe wants to work for, but he still doesn’t get this right.

Helping Joe, Episode 40

Tucker is back on the podcast this week, and he is angry. The guys dig into Joe on why he hasn’t been doing anything. Joe also goes on a date with a girl who has heard the podcast.

Helping Joe, Episode 41

The guys continue to dig into Joe’s emotional issues and work habits. They show him how to end his unproductive habits so he can find a good job and live a better life.

Helping Joe, Episode 42

The guys help Joe get less dumb and wipe out his provincial ideas about jobs, work, and life that are so wrong.

Helping Joe, Episode 43

The guys are frustrated with Joe’s continued list making and inaction, and Tucker has finally had enough.

Helping Joe, Episode 44: The Airing of Grievances

This is a special holiday episode of Helping Joe. It’s Joe’s turn to flip the script on Tucker, Nils, and Charlie.

Helping Joe, Episode 45

The guys help Joe get off the internet, get outside of his own head, and get into real life.

Helping Joe, Episode 46

The guys talk with Joe about his new job and how he got it.

Helping Joe, Episode 47

The guys talk with Joe about his health, fixing his energy levels, gratitude, and the first week of his new job.

Helping Joe, Episode 48

The guys help Joe develop more empathy, explain why Tinder is not the best place for Joe, and give him examples of how to test ideas at work.

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