22nd of December 2015

Taking a week off the Helping Joe podcast

We’re taking a week off from Helping Joe. We’re all tired of Joe’s nonsense right now, and we need a break to be quite honest. 

We’ve helped Joe on 43 episodes in this series. Go back and listen to the funnier and more meaningful ones for you. Frankly that’s our advice to Joe as well. He’s started to take certain aspects of this process for granted, and they’ve resulted in inaction or half-assed action and neither of those behaviors are things we are going to accept lying down. 

Basically, we’re putting baby in corner until he picks his own ginger ass back up and takes some action on his own behalf.

While we’re gone you can do yourself another favor if you find yourself in spots similar to Joe: read MATE, take inventory of what you need to work on and then TAKE ACTION, even small steps, towards fixing those things in your life. 

If you get stuck, go back to the book or old podcasts. We’ve covered so much.

And stay tuned as we’ll bring the next guy onto the podcast in the new year.

Merry f*cking Christmas, happy holidays, have a good New Year, and keep working on getting better. 

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