6th of January 2016

Helping Joe, Episode 45


This week, Charlie and Nils help Joe get off the internet, get outside of his own head, and get into real life.

They continue to help Joe on his job hunt and go over five of his recent interviews, including what he did right and wrong and how to make big improvements in talking to potential future employers. They also talk about common interview questions and having good body language.

Towards the end of this episode they talk about the end of his last medium term relationship.


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Show Notes:

Joe’s most common interview questions:

1. “Tell us a little bit about yourself”
2. “How did you find out about us?”
3. “Why are you looking for a new job?” (What happened to last job?)
4. “What is the Mating Grounds? What do you do there?”
5. “Why COMPANY? Why did you apply? Why do you want to work here?”
6. “Why sales? Why do you want to do that?”
7. “Tell me about your past experiences [in sales]:”
8. “What are your greatest strengths? Greatest weaknesses?”
9. “What are you currently earning?”
10. “What salary are you looking for? What are you looking to make? Salary #?”
11. “What do you do for fun? In your free time?”

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