29th of December 2015

Helping Joe, Episode 44: The Airing Of Grievances


This is a special holiday episode of Helping Joe. The guys celebrate Festivus, a festival for the rest of us, with the Airing Of Grievances.

In this episode, Joe goes through a list of grievances he has with Tucker, Nils, and Charlie over the past year. It’s his turn to flip the script on them.


You can click here (right click, then click save as) to download the episode directly.



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Show Notes:

The Festivus episode of Seinfeld:

James Altucher’s Quora post about being in your 20s:

Read James Altucher's answer to I am in my late 20s and feel I have wasted a lot of time. Is it too late for me to achieve something worthwhile? on Quora

Another good one about being unsuccessful in your 20s.

Charlie’s Grievances that didn’t make it into the show:


Your message to us on Christmas was “Merry fucking christmas assholes.”

We made out with the same girl at speed dating. (disappointed in myself…)

You have repeatedly busted into my apartment unannounced like Kramer, which scared the shit out of me last time.

On August 21st, I sent you a series of text messages which you never responded to…. until October 14th. You went TWO MONTHS without a phone because you tried to fix it yourself. Even when your phone is working, you often take 24+ hours to respond.


I sent you a rough draft of the book about Joe’s lists, the project is at a standstill.


On January 19th, you sent me an email that altered the trajectory of my life: “OK, remember how fun “Helping Tim” was? I am thinking of doing that again, but with Joe Antenucci. Joe is not going to be as good as Tim in some way–he’s not used to doing media or performing–but Joe is much more representative of real guys, and once he loosens up, Joe is actually pretty funny.”

Because of BIAB, I got stuck with the Evans’ book marketing deal, which I really only took on in the first place because we were doing it together.

You uploaded all of the pictures of Veronica giving birth to my Dropcanvas account.

When we visited your new house, you started off by saying all the things you didn’t like. Hire an interior decorator!

When my friend Shannon came in to the podcast, you bashed her on air immediately after we left. I wish you’d made those critiques while I was in the studio, because I had to hear about that for weeks.

Some of our efforts on Helping Joe were unraveled by you constantly insulting him.

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