14th of March 2015

Check This Out #45: Google’s Data On Sex, Texting Girls, and CrossFitters Have More Sex


Searching For Sex
An economist studies Google search data, which are more reliable than surveys, to find out what our real sexual frustrations and anxieties are. “Men and women are united in this insecurity and confusion… maybe if we worried less about sex, we’d have more of it.”

Healthy Relationships Overlooked in Search for a Quick Fix
Sure, there are new treatments on the horizon that promise quicker response times. Maybe ketamine will be the Netflix of mental health treatment. Most people overlook the one thing that unequivocally helps our emotional and physical health – supportive human relationships.

It’s Official: Singles Who Do CrossFit Have More Sex
Despite CrossFit’s penchant for deafeningly loud workout routines and its contingents of irritating paleo dudes, it also might come with a distinct advantage: singles who do CrossFit have more sex than singles who do any other form of workout.

De-Creeping The Dating App Experience
This article is a small way to understand what some women go through when they use dating apps or date online. New apps offer hope for a better user experience (such as no dick pics) for women.

Bodybuilder Creates ‘Broga’ For Men
Despite what many guys may think, “Yoga is not just for girls,” Matt Miller, a bodybuilder and nutrition expert who came up with the idea. “Every athlete needs to incorporate elements of stretching and lengthening into their program.”



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