23rd of April 2014

Check This Out #6: To Smile or Not to Smile and the Woman Who Can’t Stop Orgasming


Smiling Men Less Attractive to Women
This is an example of empirical good results, explained poorly to advance the predetermined beliefs of the researcher. Almost nothing in this article is right, except the raw data. For example, women didn’t find the smiling men unattractive, they found them less attractive than the proud men. They try to explain this as a social norm reinforced by Western values, which is pretty silly, given that tons of cross cultural data show similar results. The more coherent explanation is that smiling in men is often a sign of submissiveness. And submissiveness is almost never attractive to women.

But you can’t take a smile in isolation. In certain social situations, smiling by a man can be seen as very dominant and attractive. It really depends on the social context. Facial expressions are almost never assessed by humans independent of the social context. We’ll get very deep into body language and facial expressions later on, there is quite a bit of very good research about this, this just isn’t it.

Five Sex Research Pioneers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
I’d never heard of any of these people either. It’s terrible how sex research has been isolated and shunned, left to the fringe, to the detriment of all people.



Woman Has 50 Orgasms a Day
A video about the woman who has 50 spontaneous orgasms a day — illustrating how undiscriminating sexual arousal and pleasure can be maladaptive.



This is the meme based on the quote I was talking about in Part 3, under the Tender Defender section. It might seem like it, but it’s not contradictory.