19th of April 2015

Check This Out #50: How To Upgrade Your Brain And Talk To Anybody


How To Be Someone People Love To Talk To
In this post you’ll learn how to make a good first impression. prevent awkward silences, and what the best subjects to discuss are.

Five Ways to Improve Your Brainpower
It’s possible to radically improve mental agility. Norman Doige, psychiatrist and author of The Brain’s Way of Healing, suggests strategies to sharpen your mind.

6 Weird Dating Traditions In History
Throughout history, people have concocted all kinds of ways to express love and propose marriage in the confines of their societies — and they’ve had to get very inventive.

‘But You Never Said…’ Why Couples Remember Differently
The root of many arguments, memory is affected by mood and emotions.

The Ancient But Largely Forgotten Technique Women Can Do to Give Supergasms
Pompoir is best practiced with the woman on top. This allows women to straddle their partners and stimulate the penis through muscle contractions alone. No thrusting or rocking necessary.



Bartenders Talk About Your Terrible Tinder Dates

Texting With Girls



Eric Andre Solves Your Romantic Problems with Really Terrible Advice

“I give horrible advice. And not just dating advice, just horrible at-life advice.” – Comedian Eric Andre of Man Seeking Woman.


3 arm selfie



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