21st of February 2015

Check This Out #42: The Science of First Impressions and Sex Artifacts


The Weird Science Behind First Impressions
This journalist breaks down the process of first impressions, including a few studies, and gives tips on how to make a good first impression.

28,000 Year Old Sex Artifacts
The Wellcome Collection has a number of sexual artifacts on display as part of its Institute of Sexology exhibition. Phalluses made from stone, wood, leather and even camel dung have all been found during excavations, or referenced in historical text and images.



The Psychology of First Impressions (A Research Digest)
Psychologists have studied this [first meeting] process in detail. For example, they’ve shown that we form a sense of whether a stranger is trustworthy in less than one tenth of a second. With some accuracy, we can also deduce rapidly more specific information such as their intelligence and sexual orientation. This post delves into their research archive.

The Power of First Impressions
What he found was that when men and women evaluate potential partners in person versus online, typical “ideal” gender preferences disappear… The research suggests that in face-to-face settings, people rely more on their gut-level evaluations of another person, according to the researcher. “They focus on how that person makes them feel,” Eastwick said. “It is very hard to get a sense of this information when simply viewing a profile. This disconnect can cause confusion and distress in the online dating realm, as potential partners that seem terrific ‘on paper’ prove to be disappointing after a face-to-face interaction.”



How to be Alpha All The Time



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