14th of February 2015

Check This Out #41: Funny Valentine’s Day Nonsense


The Worst Thing About Valentine’s Day
The answer will surprise you.

VICE’s Valentine’s Gift Guide for Kinksters, Polys, and the Chronically Single
If we are going to get conned year after year into celebrating Cupid’s dreadful holiday, we should at least make the most of it by forgoing the off-brand drug store chocolates and the teddy bears made in sweatshops. This year, give your Valentine one of the gifts from VICE’s thoughtful guide that will ensure that even if you don’t fall in love, you’ll probably bust a nut.



Cuddling* Promotes Sexual and Relationship Satisfaction
In general, the pattern of results was consistent for men and women, but the association between the duration of post sex affection and relationship satisfaction was stronger for women than for men (Study 1) and women, but not men, felt more sexually satisfied when their partner reported higher quality post sex affection (Study 2). The findings suggest that the period after sex is a critical time for promoting satisfaction in intimate bonds.
*This article calls it post-sex affectionate exchanges

“Love Hormone” Oxytocin Shows Promise in Treating Anxiety Disorders
These findings suggest that oxytocin can have specific effects in people with anxiety through its influence on the amygdala. More broadly, the fact that oxytocin had opposite effects in the two participant groups indicates that the neurotransmitter’s success in reducing stress and promoting social behavior depends on individual brain characteristics, which differ between those with anxiety and those without the disorder.

10 Best Cities for Love This Valentine’s Day (Mating Markets)
Zillow looked at cities with more than 250,000 residents and identified those with the highest percentage of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes who could afford a night on the town.



NPR: For Three Comedians, Valentine’s Day Makes For One Big Joke
Love and relationships have long been fodder for comedians. So on this Valentine’s Day, a few of them explain why romance — or the lack of it — is so funny.

Bill Burr’s Terrible Valentine’s Day
Comedian Bill Burr’s girlfriend punches him in the head on Valentine’s Day.



St. Valentine’s Day
Stephen Colbert talks about Lupercalia and how to celebrate a “traditional” Valentine’s Day

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