30th of January 2015

Check This Out #39: High-Tech Sex, the Importance of Social Intelligence, and Turning Off Your Phone


The Year Sex Went High-Tech
This article reviews the advances made in sex technology made last year, and looks forward to what’s coming (pun!) this year.

Relationships Matter: The Importance of Social Intelligence
Your life depends in large part on the quality of your social experience. By always checking your phone for messages or emails or whatever, you become distracted and that quality goes down.



A Good Diet is Essential for Good Mental Health
Evidence continues to show vital relationships between both diet quality and potential nutritional deficiencies and mental health, a new international collaborative study has revealed.

Mounting Research Tightens Gut Microbe Connection with the Brain
The community of microbes that inhabits the body, known as the microbiome, has a powerful influence on the brain and may offer a pathway to new therapies for psychiatric and neurological disorders, according to researchers.



Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones
If you’re a fan of Louis C.K. or Conan, you’ve probably seen this viral bit where Louis talks about why he doesn’t want to get cell phones for his kids.



Tinder Connect Four
This may be the least creepy way to get a phone number on Tinder.
Tinder Connect Four

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