25th of October 2014

Check This Out #28: How To Have Great Relationships & Overcome Social Anxiety


How to Overcome Your Social Anxiety
Some simple, actionable advice on overcoming social anxiety.

How To Have A Great Relationship – 5 New Secrets From Research
A very detailed article on how to have great relationships, based on scientific research.



Night owl women are similar to men in their relationship orientation, risk-taking propensities, and cortisol levels: Implications for the adaptive significance and evolution of eveningness
This study investigates whether eveningness is associated with short-term relationship orientation, higher risk-taking, and higher testosterone or cortisol. Both female and male night-owls were more likely to be single than in long-term relationships than early morning individuals. Eveningness was associated with higher risk-taking in women but not in men; this association was not testosterone-dependent but mediated by cortisol. Female night-owls had average cortisol profiles and risk-taking tendencies more similar to those of males than to those of early-morning females. Taken together, these findings provide some support to the hypothesis that eveningness is associated with psychological and behavioral traits that are instrumental in short-term mating strategies, with the evidence being stronger for women than for men.



Aziz Ansari: Dick Pics
Aziz Ansari on the idiocy of sending women pictures of your dick.



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