6th of September 2014

Check This Out #21: Sex Work Statistics, Emasculation and Why We Hook Up


Why Men and Women Hook Up Today
This demonstrates exactly what we and some of our guests have said already: girls are just as sexual and enjoy sex just as much as guys do, it’s just much more situation dependent.

Lies, damned lies and sex work statistics
A retired call girl talks about the myriad of problems with discussions about sex in the media and in academia in America today. Misinterpretation, poor methodologies, biases, cherry-picking of data: all big problems that hamper our ability to talk about sex in an open and honest way.


The costs of being put on a pedestal
This research highlights what we’ve all seen anecdotally: fawning over someone and idealizing them is not attractive at all, and makes the other person feel weird and awkward. People want someone who seems them as real rather than ideal.


High School Bully Emasculates Louis CK
In this scene from Louie, Louis CK’s character does everything right in terms of avoiding a fight, and his date is instantly turned off by him. He’s a great example of a nice guy who only fulfills half of the Tender Defender requirement.


This Guy Tried To Group Text 32 Tinder Matches And Failed Miserably
Like we said in this week’s podcast on online dating, to succeed you need to get specific and put in some effort. Texting 32 women simultaneously is not how you do this.

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