30th of August 2014

Check This Out #20: CrossFit, gossip and the sex life of a married couple


CrossFit Flirting: Talk Burpee to Me
We’ve said this over and over again on here and in the podcast: CrossFit can be a great way to meet women (and in addition to that, you get in shape). This piece does a good job of explaining why that is and why the CrossFit community is very social.

Why So Many People Care So Much About Others’ Sex Lives
Gossip, slut-shaming and morality all have an evolutionary rationale behind them. This article covers some of that evolutionary background and will help you understand why women need to feel socially safe with you and why being discreet about your sex life is a good thing.



Verbal compliments as a differential source of mate poaching threat for men and women
Imagine this situation: you’re with your girlfriend, and another girl compliments you. Your girlfriend then gets mad – AT YOU. In this paper the authors explain why this is – essentially, it’s because unconsciously we believe that men are more likely to sleep around than women, and so women have a greater tendency to get jealous in situations like this as a mate-guarding strategy.



Wild Sex – Beach Babes & Boob Jobs
Here’s Carin Bondar again with another Wild Sex video (by the way if you haven’t listened to my interview with her, you should, she was fantastic).



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