1st of August 2014

Check This Out #16: Power, penis size and losing your virginity


This Simple Trick May Solve All Your Relationship Problems
There is no reason this has to be limited to relationship issues. This works with almost anything in your life. The larger underlying issue is the way our brains are designed (to fool ourselves) and the reasons we have trouble doing the things we know we should be doing (underlying and unresolved emotional issues). But this quick hack does help in the short term, no doubt about that.

Men, Power, Money, and Sex
Warren Farrell is one of those guys who pairs his genius insights with some moments of real weirdness. But this interview is really interesting, make sure you pay special attention to the exercises he does with college students. It’s exactly what we tell you, and it really helps.



Losing your virginity: a better experience now than 20 years ago, says science
It’s looking like, slowly but surely, America is getting less anxious about sex. This is great news–the quicker we can all stop being foolishly ashamed of our bodies and our needs, the quicker we can have honest conversations about how to get what we want out of life. This is what we’re trying to help facilitate.



Does penis size matter?
This video gets only about 60% of the science right, but we’re showing it to you because a. it is interesting, and b. there just aren’t a lot of good videos out there about sex. That one of the better ones is only about 60% right tells you how bad our nation is about understanding our own bodies.