11th of July 2014

Check This Out #13: New relationships, romance fiction and why women are stripey


5 Steps to Take Before Starting a New Relationship
This is a great piece about things to do before you even start thinking about going out to get women. We tell you the exact same things she does: understand yourself, know what you want, pay attention to other people, put yourself in new situations, etc. This piece is a bit geared towards women (not sure about the no quick sex thing for young guys), but the tone is right.

So You’re Not Desirable
This piece is by Paul Eastwick, a professor at UT who we’ll probably have on the podcast in a few months. His research, especially about mate value, is very interesting. Mate value is basically the total score of all the attributes you have that are attractive to the opposite sex. His research shows that mate value is NOT constant across people. Meaning that, in some cases, you can be far more attractive to some people than to others. The key finding is that much of this variation can improve over time, ESPECIALLY as you get to know people better. We’ll go over all this research and the implications on the podcast.



The Texas Billionaire’s Pregnant Wife: An Evolutionary Interpretation of Romance Fiction Titles
A great study showing exactly what one of our recent podcasts guests, Dr. Catherine Salmon, also said: Romance novels are not only porn for women, but they clearly reflect the evolved preferences that women have for men. It’s a think read, but very enlightening.



Why Women Are Stripey
This is a good intro to epigenetics and chromosomal science, which is not crucial for you to understand to learn how to be good with women, but is very interesting and does have a huge impact on the science behind a lot of what we are teaching you. If you’re a high information type, check this out.



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