27th of June 2014

Check This Out #12: Neediness, casual sex and China’s mating market

Podcast Update:

Obviously because I said it would launch no later than June 28th…it’s going to launch later than that. But only by like 3-4 days. We want to launch with 4 podcasts, and only 2 are finished editing now, they’ll be done Monday, so they’ll launch then or Tuesday, I promise (teaser: our first guest is none other than the world famous writer and zoologist Matt Ridley. Like, the Matt Ridley that wrote The Red Queen and The Origins of Virtue).



Why Is Neediness Such A Repulsive Characteristic?
This is simple, but very accurate and clear explanation not just of neediness, but of signaling and attraction.

Young Men Who Are Anything Short Of Wealthy In Urban China Face Brutal Girlfriend Reality
This is shitty, but reality: Attraction matters.



Who Benefits From Casual Sex?
You might be shocked by this, but there is basically no research into the positive benefits of sex. We actually talk about this issue with Dr. Nicole Prause in the upcoming podcast, but this is one of the first pieces that’s coming and starting to shed light on a simple fact: Sex is good for us.



When Sex Gets Stuck
This is from the Wild Sex series by Dr. Carin Bondar, who is also a guest on the upcoming podcast. The whole series of videos are good.



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