19th of February 2014

Check This Out #1: Olympic Sex, Science of Kissing, and Why You’re a “Boob Guy”


Sex in The Olympics
This same article comes out every Olympics. It’s like the press can’t get it through their heads that people like to have sex, especially young people. And yes, this makes me want to be in the Olympics too, even if I had no shot at a medal.

How to Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile
The infographics are cool, the only problem with this article is that it conflates cause and effect analysis. But what else can you expect from journalists? We’ll cover all the research on how to use online and app dating sites soon.


The Science of Kissing
From our science friend Joe Hanson, a cool video about the science of kissing. And yes, we know Joe and he gets girls, so yes, it is cool to be smart.

Louis CK on “It Gets Better” for Fat Guys
Everyone likes Louis CK, because come on–he’s a genius. This is one of our favorite Louis CK vids, if you haven’t seen it, you’ll laugh.

Recent Research:

Which Guys Like Big Boobs?
Men who live in conditions of resource scarcity and uncertainty, or simply who are hungry rather than satiated, have a stronger preference for women with big breasts — because those women have stored more fat to get through pregnancy and breast-feeding, so will require less food input from males. Helps explain why working-class guys are often ‘breast men’ (focused on fat reserves), whereas richer guys are more often ‘leg men’ (focused on height).



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