Category: Interview
5th of December 2014

Dr. Nicole Prause Interview (Part 2)

In part two of her interview, Dr. Nicole Prause, Tucker, and Geoff tell you what you need to know about orgasms, the g-spot, the clitoris, the current state of sex research, and what we don’t know about sexual physiology.

28th of November 2014

Dr. Nicole Prause Interview (Part 1)

Our guest today is Dr. Nicole Prause, a sex researcher from UCLA. In this episode, Dr. Prause, Tucker, and Geoff discuss penis size preferences, what traits are more important than penis size, what traits are less important, and female orgasms.

14th of November 2014

Charlie Hoehn Interview #2

All guys can become more successful with women, they just need to focus on the right things. Charlie Hoehn had some very limiting beliefs early in life that didn’t help him with women. In this episode, Charlie tells us about his limiting beliefs and his failures and successes in dating, and through that, Tucker and Charlie explain how to be funny, how to develop confidence, and how to become the most attractive version of yourself.

7th of November 2014

Rachael Grazioplene Interview

This week, we talk to Rachael Grazioplene, a PhD student at the University of Minnesota who’s research focuses on individual differences, primarily openness traits related to creativity and intelligence, and the effects of environmental and genetic factors on this. In this episode we discuss what guys do wrong in dating, what guys do right, what traits women find attractive, and how you can develop those traits.

31st of October 2014

Jake Seliger Interview

Our guest today is Jake Seliger, novelist and writer. Jake has gone from being very unsuccessful with women to very successful, and has lots of actionable advice. In this episode, Tucker and Jake discuss where to find women, how to ask them out, how to know when a girl likes you, and what you can do to make yourself more attractive to women.

24th of October 2014

Dr. Heather Berlin Interview

Today’s guest is Dr. Heather Berlin, acclaimed researcher and neuroscientist, and Dr. Berlin and Tucker discuss exactly how guys can develop and retain good habits both in dating and in life. Dr. Berlin also talks about what it’s like to be an intelligent, beautiful, successful woman dating in New York City and the things she sees that guys do right and wrong.

17th of October 2014

Jack Donovan Interview

Our guest today is one of the manosphere’s most influential and prominent thinkers: Jack Donovan, author of “The Way of Men.” Most of our interviews are about how men can do better with women; this one is not like that at all. In this episode, we talk about his (excellent) book, about masculinity, and about other male-centered issues. If you’re interested in that stuff, you’ll love this discussion, but if you just want actionable information relating to women, you probably want to skip this one.

10th of October 2014

Jordan Harbinger Interview

This week we interview Jordan Harbinger, the co-founder of the Art of Charm, a podcast (and coaching company) that helps guys be better with women. In this episode, Tucker and Jordan discuss where the PUA industry is going wrong, and the correct way to approach dating and relationships.

3rd of October 2014

Dr. Diana Fleischman Interview

This week’s guest is Dr. Diana Fleischman, an Evolutionary Psychologist at the University of Portsmouth. In this episode, Dr. Fleischman, Tucker, and Geoff discuss a wide range of topics including how nerdy guys can be attractive, men’s desire for sexual novelty, the importance of hygiene, ethics and attraction, and the importance of finding someone who fits with your personality.

26th of September 2014

Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman Interview

This week’s guest is Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, the Scientific Director of The Imagination Institute, who talks to Tucker about the false dichotomy between alpha and beta males, how to become more attractive, and how to develop true self confidence.