23rd of April 2015

Bad Advice From The Internet: “Wear This To Stand Out And Be Attractive”

Why This Is Bad Advice

Very few women decide to date or sleep with you based on what you are wearing. There are many other things she considers first.

If you dress in a way that isn’t who you are to attract women, you are sending dishonest signals (lying). Women will inevitably figure out who you are (from of everything else about you) and lose any good first impression they had of you.

If you go out with a top hat and goggles, you look like an idiot. Putting on a nice shirt or expensive watch doesn’t make you rich or successful. Actually being successful makes you successful.


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The Better Advice

Your first goal is to not exclude yourself through your clothes. This is why Tucker and Nils got so mad at Joe in Episode 9. Being plain is okay if you have other things going for you.

Figure out your strengths and what you’ve got going for you, develop those strengths, and display or compete on those strong traits to genuinely attract women.

You are better off being who you really are and going to places where people will value you for who you are.

The Few Places Where This Advice Does Work

Wearing something outlandish to get attention from women is called “peacocking” in pickup artist communities. It’s not how real peacocks do “peacocking”, but whatever. Other versions of this are “dressing like you are somebody” or look, rich, edgy, masculine to attract more women.

If you really are outlandish, goofy, or rich, and you wear clothes to reflect that, it’s an honest signal that can be attractive to certain women. Dressing like you are somebody will get your foot in the door in places like L.A. or Miami or loud, late night clubs in your city. These are generally stupid and shallow places where women evaluate you by what you are wearing.

If you spend a ton of money at clubs, buying VIP tables and bottle service, it’s easy to hook up with girls there.


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