7th of May 2015

Bad Advice From The Internet: “Sleep With A Lot Of Women To Get Good In Bed.”

Why This Is Bad Advice

Sleeping with a lot of women is the opposite of what you should do to get good sexually. Having sex with different women is great, but if you want to get better in bed it’s much easier to do that by connecting with one woman and having sex with her over and over. Women are more alike than different. The pussy is on the same place on every girl. And surveys show that they like the same basic positions.

For more information, great books about having great sex are Guide to Getting It On and The Kama Sutra


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The Better Advice

The way you get good at any skill is by practicing and getting good at the skill of sex is about being comfortable and getting reps.

If you want to get good sexually, find a girl you like having sex with and do it with her as much as she will let you. Great sex is about connecting with another person and understand what does she like and not like. Get comfortable with her and make sure she is comfortable with you. Ask her what she likes or doesn’t like. Then trying new things to see what works and what doesn’t.

This is 100x easier to do in a comfortable sexual relationship than it is with new girls every time.

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