26th of March 2015

Bad Advice From The Internet: “If You Don’t Call To Setup A Date, You Are A Coward.”

Why This Is Bad Advice

This comes from old people who are angry about new technology like texting. 20 years ago when calling was the default to set up a date, this advice would have been valid. Now the default is texting, especially for young people.

The data shows that many women under 30 think calling is an intrusion of privacy and inconvenient or rude. To them, you are not more manly, courageous, or gentlmanly. You are just weird.


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The Better Advice

Understand the social group you are in and who you want to date. Everything you do is contingent on that. Whatever is normal to do in that group is what you should be doing:

If you are in your 40s asking out a woman in her 30s or 40s, call her.
If you are in your 20s asking out a woman in her 20s, text her.

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