30th of April 2015

Bad Advice From The Internet: Be Unavailable or Distant To Signal You Are High Status

Why This Is Bad Advice

Being unavailable, distant, or hard to get to signal that you are high status / value is in general TERRIBLE advice to attract women. Sometimes this plays out as “text her 2x as she texts you” or purposefully ignore or play hard to get.

This is weirdly attractive to about 5-10% of women who have certain issues. The problem is applying this advice generally to all women.

If you try this with a woman who doesn’t have daddy issues and has a similar mate value to you, this shit doesn’t work. She won’t put up with it and will move on.


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The Better Advice

Be available if you really like a woman and want to date her. Be a good communicator. That is attractive. If you aren’t and she doesn’t have the issues below, she will move on and find a guy who wants to progress at the same pace that she does.

The Few Places Where This Advice Does Work

Being distant works with two types of women, those with daddy issues who crave male acceptance because they didn’t have a father figure and women who have a much lower mate value or relative status than you.


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